About Us

ReelRoll Video is a digital advertising collective that builds robust partnerships focused on performance and prosperity.  We offer dynamic video solutions for online properties and global brands to maximize advertising dollars while capturing targeted audiences.  Our interactive marketplace provides a variety of high-impact ad unit options for advertisers to connect with their prospective audience.

Solutions for Advertisers:

ReelRoll Video leverages versatile technology and proprietary data to create targeted audience segments that allow our media buying team to maximize ad dollars while exceeding KPI goals. Our desktop, mobile and tablet premium ad units provide reach and scalability across all devices with daily optimizations and real time reporting for our partners.

Solutions for Publishers:

ReelRoll Video creates a seamless integrations to maximize revenue for our publishers by monetizing impressions at the most efficient rates in the digital ecosystem.  ReelRoll Video has the ability to fuel revenue through partnerships with direct publishers, SSPs, networks and influencers across the digital landscape through API and tag integration.

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